Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our New Glass Creations!!

African Baobab Tree Bead (Front view)
Lampwork focal or pendant bead
featuring an intricate African Baobab tree
design on front and back.
Italian Effetre and Vetrofond glass.
Decorated with stringer, dot work, and marvering.

Quince Fruit Tree Blossom Bead Set
Lampwork branches
of beautiful fruit tree blossoms on a soft backdrop.
Italian Effetre and Vetrofond glass.
Decorated with stringer, dot work, and marvering.

Island Medicine Man Mask Lampwork Bead Set
A fun and intriguing face mask focal or pendant bead
with matching complimentary beads.

Italian Effetre and Vetrofond glass.
Designed by marvering, masking, stringer, and dot work.

Poison Arrow Dart Frog and Baby Tadpole Lampwork Pendant
A glass sculpture pendant of a poison arrow dart frog
carrying her young tadpole.

The base leaf is Italian Effetre petroleum green,
pea green, and light transparent teal,
and decorated with Italian Vetrofond pale blue transparent rain drops.

The frog is a combination of discontinued
US ASK scarlet dreams and Vetrofond black.
The tadpole is Effetre intense black.

This sculpted piece was inspired by:
Anny's Pal's flickr photograph "Poison Dart Frog CostaRica"


Anonymous said...

Your work is just stunning!
Thank you for adding me, I love this blog!!

Hawley Studios said...

Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoyed looking!! 8)

Anonymous said...

Hawlet thanks for comment :) I made a hat maybe you want to see it :) I love all of your jewellery bravo :)

Tim Noble said...

Wow! I love your stuff.

Do you make it all yourself?

Do you ship to the UK?

Tim Noble

Mammoth said...

Greetings Fellow Artist; "Hawley Studio" Very nice workmanship and always interested in fellow piers. I have been an artist forever as well as my father and have an appreciation for your designs. You may check out my blog as well and we will converse again, soon I am off to the arctic Bering Sea area for three month camping and travel, again great designs and your art will be around for thousands of years such as the longevity of glass, William Sidmore

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

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