Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Treasures!! Tussie Mussie Dragon Sculptures! :)

So, we've been amazingly busy this last season! We totally revamped our studios, and expanded our equipment. I'll post pics of all that soon.

Dave is waist deep in creating new custom knives with some exciting new wood we acquired. He is doing a retro thing with designs based on old European cultures: Seax style, Skean Dhu style, and American Frontier Roach Belly knives.

In my space, things are very busy. I've created several series of new dragon sculptures which I'll be sharing over the next weeks. Today, my Victorian Tussie Mussie Dragons are itching to say "HELLO!!" to the world.

These little dragons lurk about, looking for any opportunity to nibble tussie mussies. They prefer to nibble bouquets since they find the mixed fragrances quite alluring and appetizing.

When their bellies are full, they like to bask in sunbeams, then race around acquiring shiny objects to fill their dens. A Tussie Mussie Dragon is a rare creature, and very selective about which homes it will settle into.

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