Friday, June 27, 2008

Treasured Newbie Beads

This necklace is a tribute to all our newbie beads! The beads that initiated us into the world of hot glass lampworking!

They represent that special time when getting the glass onto the mandrel without breaking the bead release was an accomplishment, and managing to get puckers on the bead ends meant that you had arrived!!

Starting on the far right with our first plain white Effetre round beads, those are the very first beads we made, one is mine and one is hubby's. The beads move chronologically to the left, and gradually improve in shape and design as you go around the necklace, ending with my amethyst hollow (man, that one was hard).

All of these beads are made on a Fireworks torch and 1/8 in mandrels, out of the fireworks beginners lampworking bead kit we bought to get our feet wet.

You can read my more detailed photo notes on the various beads here at Flickr.

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