Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Silver and Fused Glass Gallery 1

Irridescent Puddles of Nature Pendant:
The understated colors of this sweet blue and green dichroic glass
are a perfect compliment for the leaf of this handcrafted silver bail.

They are fused together, not glued.
Pink Bubble Vine Pod Pendant:
Pink-purple dichroic glass makes a beautiful pod
adorned with handmade tendrils of silver "bubble vine".
Nature and imagination bonded together in glass and silver
make a whimsical pendant for your pleasure!

Glass and silver are fused together, not glued.
Rainbows and Flower Vines Pendant:
A rainbow of gorgeous, bright, fun-loving dichroic glass
highlighting a bed of trumpet flowers and tendrils.
A beautiful pendant of fused glass and silver.
Completely unique, and all handmade.

Glass and silver are fused together, not glued.
Industrial Pink- Pendant:
The pink-purple dichroic adds a feminine feel to this pendant,
and the industrial-modern bail balances it.
It creates a playful piece that you can use brighten any casual wardrobe.

Glass and silver are fused together, not glued.


BigMama said...

These are gorgeous!

Hawley Studios said...

Thank you! :) It is nice to know someone enjoyed seeing them!

Leah said...

Wow, those are incredible....!

Pratik said...


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